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Terra-Max Engineering, Inc. (TME) is a single-source provider of innovative and comprehensive civil engineering design, environmental and land development solutions. TME was established by experienced staff with capabilities and knowledge to make a major impact on your site, projects, and planned developments. We are experts at environmental science and engineering, land development, and civil engineering services. We are also thoroughly experienced with site construction and field logistics. 


As with any consulting business, our technical staff  is the heart and soul of Terra-Max Engineering, Inc. at every staff level including: engineers, geologists, scientists, field technicians and construction specialists. We are results oriented and problem solvers. As a group, we have designed numerous residential and commercial developments, assessed and closed hundreds of petroleum-contaminated sites, built and operated over three hundred remediation systems, and constructed multiple fuel-storage systems for a diverse range of clients.  In short, we have the experience, capability and desire to get the job done!   


TME is a privately held corporation and is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to the highest standards of quality, commitment and integrity.  We stand ready to serve you and to help your company meet your environmental, site transaction and development challenges as your "Technical Partner". 


TME offers funding to clients with sites that are enrolled in state reimbursement programs for Petroleum Storage Tank Cleanup. For Qualified sites, TME provides the funds necessary to conduct state approved activities and collects the funds directly from the state programs. This allows our clients to better utilize their own funds for personal or business purposes.


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