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TME specializes in comprehensive site assessments ranging from Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) to complete site characterizations and chemical release delineation.  Our site assessments are performed in accordance with the governing state or federal regulations and ASTM guidelines and can be further refined to meet the particular needs of our client.  We approach each assessment individually while utilizing the latest assessment methods based on our years of experience. 

A site assessment can determine the presence, potential sources, extent and migration of contamination to soil and/or groundwater.  TME will provide a Phase I ESA that will be reliable and with a specific scope of services suited to the client's unique needs given the nature of the property and the client's specific risk management preferences.  If an initial (Phase I) assessment suggests the presence of a recognized environmental condition, our experienced staff can perform a Phase II ESA, including collection of the necessary samples to verify or assess that condition. 

In cases where the client determines that a Phase III ESA  is needed in order to delineate the horizontal extent of the contamination, TME has the expertise for this service as well.  We can also provide a turnkey solution, if necessary, including site remediation and regulatory closure.  Our mission is to provide timely, cost-effective, confidential environmental services tailored to our client's specific needs and cost constraints.

Terra-Max Engineering (TME) offers the following assessment services:


  •  Phase I, II, & III Environmental Site Assessments

  •  Risk-Based Assessments

  •  Petroleum and/or Hazardous Waste Investigations

  •  Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) Assessments

  •  Brownfields Investigations

  •  Facility Compliance Audits

  •  Wetlands Delineation

  •  Listed Species

  •  Voluntary Clean-up Programs

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